Design + Build

Integrated project delivery method, based on the time proven concept of the Master Builder, where a single source is responsible for the design and building of a project. Schedule is fast tracked, design and quality are maintained through the architect led design build process. Arkitonik inc. will serve as the design builder for the project from initiation to completion. 



Advantages of Design Build

Single Responsibility

Provides owner with larger control over the entire design and construction process as opposed to the more traditional design-bid-build method. Arkitonik will act as a single source of contact for the Owner thus reduced owners exposure and simplifies the contracts to a single contract.

Fast Track Scheduling

Because design and construction are under one roof, design and construction phases can be overlapped for known set components of the project, thus reducing schedule and ultimately cost.


Arkitonik Inc. uses the Architect led design build process, where the design and construction decisions are made by design oriented personnel who inherently have quality and design as a core value. Quality and craftsmanship are maintained throughout the project.